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Q: Che cosa significa ratify?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra ratify e sanctify e approve e sanction(verb) ?
A: Ratify is a very official word mainly used for legal or official documents/contracts, or things relating to it. Such as, "The new law in Georgia was ratified."

Sanctify is religious, this is a rather old word and isn't used often in modern English, though I suppose it can still be found in religious writing. Sanctify does not mean to approve or to accept something, but instead it means "to make or declare as holy". Such as, "The holy talismans were placed in order to sanctify the forest." It can also be a synonym to the word "Purify"

Sanction is rather odd, as is much of the English language. While the verb and noun are stupidly similar, the verb has two drastically different definitions. It's origin comes from the word "ratify" so it can also mean "ratify", or, to give official authorization/permission. But it can also be "to give a punishment or penalty", or the action of imposing a sanction(noun)(penalty) onto someone. It's a word which also isn't used in modern English, but it may be found in older English texts.

Approve can be both a verb and adjective depending on context/how it's used, but it's mainly referred to as a verb. Approve means "to accept" and while it's normally used in official context, it's sometimes used casually in modern English.

"The new regulations on water quality has been approved(verb)."

"I don't approve(verb) of this"

Approve can also mean "to think highly of".

"I highly approve the new cadet"

"I felt approval(adjective) watching my little brother fight back"

All 3 words are transitive verbs, although this isn't really that important, as they don't really teach transitive verbs here.

Edit: the line "It can also be a synonym to the word "Purify" was placed on the wrong definition
Q: Qual è la differenza tra ratify e approve e legitimize ?
A: Ratify= for treaties
Legitimize= often linked to something that isn't commonly done "legitimizing someone's actions" by giving an excuse
Approve= to support something in general
Q: Qual è la differenza tra ratify e approve ?
A: I find that "ratify" is often used in very formal or even political instances, such as "ratifying the Constitution"

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