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Q: Che cosa significa I don't see the relevance in your question?
A: You're welcome! Relevance is a synonym for "importance" :)
Q: Che cosa significa relevance ?
A: Relatedness as in : his speech has no relevance to the point.
Q: Che cosa significa relevance?
A: Has relation to the topic at hand.
Q: Che cosa significa relevance ?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra relevance e relevancy ?
A: relevance means importance while relevancy refers to degrees of pertinence of topics

- this new information has no relevancy to the case
- I don’t see the relevance of your question
Q: Qual è la differenza tra relevance e relavancy e relavant ?
A: Relevance = noun

E.g. This has a lot of relevance.

Relevant = adjective

E.g. This is very relevant.

Relevancy = an old-fashioned version of ‘relevance’ that basically no one uses anymore
Q: Qual è la differenza tra relevance e association ?
A: relevance - something is important to something/someone

association - you think about it when you think of something

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? What relevance means, at the court?
A: Not gonna lie, this sentence doesn’t make any sense. I think you’re trying to say something like
“What relevance does this have in court?”

The phrase is “have relevance” (ie be important). And when talking about a court of law, you say “in court” not “at the court”. However, when talking about the building itself, you say “at the courthouse”

“At the courthouse” just implies location. “In court” implies a legal proceeding (like someone’s getting sued)

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Q: What does " struggling for relevance"(1st line/Title of the article) mean?

‘Nobody needs another pink hat’: Why the Women’s March is struggling for relevance

One day after President Trump’s inaugural parade wound its way through the District, hundreds of thousands of women poured into the city from across the country, carrying signs, pink knitted hats and an overwhelming sense of rage and grief.

The first Women’s March — an alliance of hundreds of nationwide marches widely considered the largest single-day protest in American history — funneled feelings into action. Women who had never carried a sign became seasoned protesters. Strangers formed letter-writing campaigns and action networks. It was, experts said, the moment the “resistance” was born.

Three years later, as Trump commences the final year of his first term, the Women’s March is planning to take to the streets once more. But many of the demonstrators who descended on the District that first year, catapulting the new organization from obscurity to a household name, will not be there to see it.
A: To be relevant in general is to be taken into consideration when taking into account who has a meaningful impact on society, mostly by having true value, merit, or a significant following.

The Women’s March has lost most of its meaningful impact by mostly losing its significant following (supporters from women), who lost faith in their ability to induce change since the movement at its peak accomplished almost nothing.

Now it (it’s organizers) are having trouble and struggling to find a way to still be considered to have any meaningful impact and to be taken into account.


“He is struggling to remain relevant in the presidential race”, he is no longer taken into consideration, and he is having trouble to try and find a way to be taken into account.

“I’m struggling to be relevant in this relationship”. Can’t find a role or a way.

I hope this helps.
Q: What does "relevance" of "any organization's relevance" mean?

The complacency of success is a very real yet indirect threat to any organization’s relevance. Just look at Kodak, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, even HP who were completely competent in how they operated for a very long time. However, times changed, and these companies never took the time to question whether how they operated was right.
A: It is the organization’s (company’s) relevance in the market, i.e., its position, influence, and continued success.
If a company is no longer relevant (irrelevant), means that it lost its position, influence, and is no longer as successful or has become a failure, and might have left the market segment completely.
If anything becomes irrelevant, that means it lost its position and influence in its related field.

“Microsoft is irrelevant in the smartphone market”.
Q: Hello.
‘What’s the relevance with this matter?’
Is natural to say in daily conversation?
A: in daily conversation it's just "What's the connection?" or "How is this connected to _____?
Q: relevance between parental education and academic ability of children sembra naturale?
A: When you say “parental education,” are you referring to the parents’ education or the child being educated by the parent?
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia relevance.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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