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Q: Qual è la differenza tra
She resents *you* being more successful.
I didn’t like *him* going without me.

e She resents *your* being more successful.
I didn’t like *his* going without me. ?
A: “ You don’t belong here “
“ She went with him “
“ Your bag fell on the floor “
“ His mom is very nice “

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Q: why are you so resents? sembra naturale?
Q: I resent him because they treated me bad.

she resents me because we broke up.

I'm resenting them because they mistreated.

I resented him but not anymore.


I always remedy their problems.

she remedies their problems when is necessary.

I'm remedying my problems to fix my life.

I remedied my issues with patience.

sembra naturale?
A: but why you're using resent in present tense in both sentences. and what other word I can use instead of remedy
Q: *I resent him because he came after what happened to us.

*she resents me because I broke up with her.

*she's still resenting me but I told her to get over it.

*I resented him but now I don't even think about him.

sembra naturale?
A: why. can you tell me in specific what you don't understand

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