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Q: Che cosa significa resolved down to?
A: This is not a straightforward question and as a native speaker I don’t find it completely clear. However my guess from the context is that the root of their political and economic power is based on or derived from their more sinister occult and black magical power. It is effectively revealing the underlying core power source.

In chemistry, resolve can mean to break down or decompose. This implies in your paragraph that when you deconstruct their ostensible power, underneath you discover its true origin!

So in summary, I think you could paraphrase saying “when you broke down or analysed their economic and political power, it was actually derived from or based on their occult and black magical powers.

Fabulous question for New Year’s Day! 加油💪! :)
Q: Che cosa significa resolve to?

Speaking mathematically, an answer "resolves" if it can be expressed in terms which are allowed by the equation or system. - and as it says immediately after this phrase, you need it to be expressible as either true or false.
Q: Che cosa significa resolve conflict impact human life ?
A: Just guessing here, but I believe your sentence should read: The efforts remain to maintain peace and resolve conflict impacting human life.
In other words, the goal is 2-fold: (1) to preserve peace (or prevent war) and (2) to resolve disputes. Because these 2 things affect human life.
Q: Che cosa significa it’s all dashing resolve.?
A: "Dashing" is a bit like saying "adventurously handsome." And "resolve" as used here means "determination" or "determined to accomplish something."

So, "handsomely adventurous determination." 😬

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con resolve.
A: Me and John need to resolve the issue of who gets to take the car out tonight.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con to resolve that....
A: In order to resolve that problem you must make an appointment.

Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con resolve differences.
A: If you two cannot resolve your differences by yourselves, then you will be separated.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con settle, resolve and adjudicate.
A: settle
1. please settle down class
2. when the baby settles I will put them to bed
3. I want a boyfriend who is ready to settle down and have children

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra resolve e solve e unresolved e unsolved ?
A: Resolve is used more so when there was a conflict or problem with someone/something that ended.

Example: After counseling, they were able to resolve their trust issues.

Q: Qual è la differenza tra resolve e determination ?
A: Resolve can mean to decide or to do with intent. determination means something like to "dedicated ly do -"
Meaning "with intent" they can both be used:
She completed the race with great resolve.
She completed the race with great determination.
The meaning for both sentences is very similar.

She was resolved to finish the race.
She was determined to finish the race.
The first sentence suggests she made a decision, the second just suggests willpower. Generally "determination" suggests will, or willpower, and "resolve" suggests a decision. Therefore, there are situations where only "resolve" can be used.
Like new years resolutions; "This year I resolve to work harder (or something )"
Q: Qual è la differenza tra resolve (noun) e resoluteness ?
A: OK. As a noun, resolve is not too different.

Resolve (noun) is when you really want to do something.

Going to Russia strengthens (makes stronger) my resolve to live there.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra resolve e solve ?
A: its pretty much the same thing. its more like you resolve a conflict and you solve a question or a riddle.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra to resolve e to solve ?
A: resolve is used to mean the end of a conflict

solve is used to mean the solution of a logical problem ( math problems, word problems, riddles etc.)

Traduzionde di "Resolve"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? wearing down their opponent’a moral resolve. What moral resolve means?
A: Breaking it down, moral resolve is a persons beliefs about what they perceive to be right or the right thing to do out of goodness. For example, if you forgot there was a Math exam today and your friend offered to let you cheat off their work it would test your "moral resolve." You know that it is wrong and looked down on to cheat, but you are desperate enough to consider it in order to pass the class. Breaking down someone's core beliefs about what is right and wrong/ socially acceptable is the best way I can describe the phrase above. Hope this helps!

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Q: I’m resolve to try talking to many Korean people.
There are two things that made me think that way.
First, I had started to study Korean last March or so.
At first,I had studied with teaching materials.
But I did’n improve after a month.
So I thought about what method be good.
Then I thought it would be good if I could have fun.
So I translated the lyrics of the song and decided to think about it while singing.
I realized that by speaking out I can grammar and native.

Second,When I called a Korean friend at first time,I learned a lot of surprising facts about Korea.
For example ,all schools in Korea provide school meals,and Japanese anime is very popular,there are many people who like Japan and so on.
Until then ,I thought that many Korean hated Japan.
Then I thought that there was a new discovery by actually talking to the local people.
In conclusion, In order to improve my Korean and learn new facts I’m resolve to try many Korean people.
Secondly, when I called a Korean friend for the first time, I learned a lot of surprising facts about Korea.
For example, all schools in Korea provide school meals and that Japanese anime is very popular there. Also, many Korean people like Japan
Until then, I thought that many Koreans hated Japan.
I made a new discovery by actually talking to the local people.
In conclusion, in order to improve my Korean and learn new facts about Korea, I’m resolving to try to meet many more Korean people this year.
Hope this helps
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia resolve.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: ‎what does filled with a resolve mean in this context was listening an audiobook from rich dad and poor dad and came across this phrase and he knew that each human being also had a part of their soul that was strong and filled with a resolve that could never be bought what does it mean exactly ?
A: to be filled with a resolve means to have a lot of motivation, to have goals and to strive, to have zeal
Q: i would like resolve math problem well. sembra naturale?
A: I would like to solve this math problem.
Q: can I say 'eliminate/ resolve a confusion' ?
A: Normally you would say 'clear up a confusion'

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