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Q: Che cosa significa retribution?
A: Action one takes to punish someone else for a harmful/bad act.
Q: Che cosa significa retribution is the right of God alone?
A: That no person should seek revenge.
Q: Che cosa significa The retribution that you are helpless to reap shall be yours.?
A: Oh, i'm wrong with "retribution= forgiveness", it means= vengence/pay back (EG: *punching your friend* that's pay back for punching me earlier)

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra retribution e vengeance ?
A: I believe they are the same thing, but retribution seems more formal than vengeance. Retribution is more like a punishment for something. Vengeance is more like an act of revenge.

"He faces retribution for his crimes." Meaning he'll probably go to jail and have to pay a fine, etc.
"In an act of vengeance, he killed the man who hurt his daughter."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra retribution e retaliation e tit for tat e reprisal ?
A: retaliation = The act of retaliating; the return of like for like; the doing of that to another which he has done to us; especially (now usually), requital of evil; reprisal; revenge.

retribution = synonym for retaliation. Punishment administered in return for a wrong committed.

tit for tat = and expression like “an eye for an eye” one is given the same damage done to them, returning exactly what you get.

reprisal = synonym for retaliation. The act or an instance of retaliating for a loss or injury.

They all inherently mean the same thing
Q: Qual è la differenza tra retribution e retaliate ?
A: Retribution is a noun, retaliate is a verb. Also, retaliation is the noun form of retaliate, but retribution also has a positive connotation to it, like it's halfway between retaliation and justice.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra retribution e retaliation ?
A: Retribution is to punish someone because they did something bad. This can be something bad in general or something bad aimed towards certain person.

Retaliation is when someone is hurt and they 'retaliate' (get revenge/fight back) against the person that hurt them.

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Q: It is not retribution that I seek, but the justice to see him punished for his own crimes. sembra naturale?
A: It is not retribution I seek, but justice I demand to see him punished for his own crimes.

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