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Q: Che cosa significa to rhyme with?
A: It means to sound like. Based on your teacher’s feedback, it seems that he/she is saying that the pronunciation of the word is similar to how “cat” is pronounced/sounds like.
Q: Che cosa significa Approximate rhymes?
A: Words that are not exact rhymes, but have similar endings.

Examples of exact rhymes:
fill /fɪl/, kill /kɪl/, still /stɪl/, will /wɪl/

Approximate rhymes:
fill /fɪl/, real /ril/

Exact rhymes:
pen 'em /pɛnəm/, venom /vɛnəm/

Approximate rhymes:
pen /pɛn/, win /wɪn/
Q: Che cosa significa neither rhyme nor reason?
A: no logical reason in what has happened or done.
Q: Che cosa significa but it does rhyme with 'polverine'?
A: I think the writers may have thought that Disney wouldn't have liked the joke had he outright said Wolverine, plus Deadpool's humor is very tongue-in-cheek, so it was a prime opportunity to make a joke out of it. Wolverine is considered Marvel's golden boy, so Deadpool is implying that he had do dirty stuff with Wolverine to get his own movie.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con rhyme.
A: Hi, how are you ? My name is Lopez, I want to discuss with you, write me back through my emails at ( is very important. Thanks.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con rhyme.
A: “The words ‘cat’ and ‘hat’ rhyme, since they sound similar.”

“She recited the cute rhyme about cats.”

“I like to rhyme
All the time.”

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra rhyme e verse ?
Q: Qual è la differenza tra rhyme e rhymn ?
A: Rhyme is when two words sound the same like : sound and round. Where’s rhythm is like when something has a beat like in a song
Q: Qual è la differenza tra rhyme e verse ?
A: verse is a bit of prose in musical lyrics or literature.

rhyme is a literary device when the ending syllables of words end with a similar sound: rhyme/time, big/pig, tradition/ammunition, etc.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 《what does “ no rhyme or reason” mean 》
A: it's just another way of saying "for no reason".
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? rhymes
A: Pronounced more like "rimes."

Rhyme sounds like dime, lime, time or crime.

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Q: I've learned about rhyme. I think rhyme is a set of words which have the same terminal sound. But "light" and "life", which are different in their terminal sounds, can also be considered as rhyme?
A: 'light' and 'life' which begin with the same sound are not considered rhymes; they are, however, an example of alliteration.
Q: I'll made rhyme at the English class.
Can I say the sentence below?

I'm trying to rhyme in my poem.
I matched rhyming words in my poem.

A: 1 sounds okay. 2 does not make sense, maybe try "I want words that rhyme in my poem"
Q: I've been just goofing around some rhyme :) Nothing serious.
Not sure what came out of that.
However I am referring to listening to a native speaker nice speech.
That was the idea.
Don't hesitate to change it as you want and whatever you want :)

Here we go:

There is nothing better than,
Learning words as they are done.
Not in textbooks, not in rules,
But as they're in real life.

Like a piece of gold in a pile of rocks,
Among the noise of X buzz,
Like healing balm for the soul,
Like the dew to drained soil.

It's much sweeter than honey flavor,
Like best music to the ears.
It will ooze out like melted butter,
When it's said in natural speech.

Which one sounds better ??
When it's said in natural speach or
When it's said in natural voice.
A: I would say speech is better but just using 'naturally' is best.

P.S. they're should be written as 'they are'
Q: What does "Only if it doesn't rhyme." suggest?

Penny: Oh, alright. I will give you my bed on one condition. That you promise to zip your hole for the next eight hours.
Sheldon: May I say one last thing? 
Penny: Only if it doesn't rhyme. 
Sheldon: Alright. Goodnight. 
A: Before she says that Sheldon tells her a short little poem that rhymes, the words where it sounds similar like 'wall' and 'tall' and she is requesting basically that he doesn't repeat another poem/rhyme, because she was slightly irritated by it because she wants to sleep and he's keeping her up.

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