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Q: Che cosa significa Riding down?
A: I think it meant you're riding something down like if you're riding a bicycle while going down...btw I'm not sure cuz it depends on context :'')
Q: Che cosa significa What does that mean "Riding round with the top off"? ?
A: It means riding around in a convertible with the top down :)

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Riding e Ridin’ ?
A: There should be a very subtle difference in how they are pronounced- 'riding', if pronounced correctly, should end in an 'ing' sound. Ridin' will end in a harsher 'in' sound and it could sound like the word is shorter because of this. Ridin' is used in casual conversations and won't appear in things like essays or books (unless the book features someone talking in slang) because ridin' isn't the correct form of the word, it is merely a slang version of 'riding'.

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Q: What do 'riding' and 'hood' mean in the "Red Riding Hood"?
A: I believe that it's a hooded cloak worn for riding or outdoor travel. It comes from a time when all travel was either by foot or by horse.
Q: What does "Riding" mean in "Little Red Riding Hood"?

A: I would recommend this website!
Q: "Riding a bike is lots of fun but one of the big things to remember (=one of the most important things) is to be very careful while crossing roads". How does it sound? Natural?
A: It sounds natural
Q: Riding ON a merry-go-round ? Or just riding a merry-go-round ?
A: Both work lol

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