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Q: Che cosa significa riff?
A: Oh, thanks for providing the video! It seems the improvisation meaning is somewhat retained, meaning that Donald trump will ride the lie in a ridiculous way, make it go beyond control and thus ruin everything. (Edit: ;-; Sorry for the accidental disagree on the question)
Q: Che cosa significa riff off?
A: A riff off is a singing competition between acapella groups. It became popular with the movie Pitch Perfect.
Q: Che cosa significa this riff is tasty?
A: This is slang, a 'riff' is a repetitive phrase in music, "this riff is tasty", takes the word tasty from it's normal use with food to say that something tastes nice and uses it in a musical sense to say the riff is very good or enjoyable
Q: Che cosa significa riff off?
A: rip off
My new shoulder bag fell apart after two days; that shopkeeper ripped me off.
The restaurant's daily special was not worth the £9 that I paid for it. It was a rip off.
Q: Che cosa significa "riff off"?
A: Es un término para competencia de canto

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con riff off.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra riff e vamp ?
A: Riff is a short, musical phrase.
I had to look up vamp and the dictionary says a vamp is a woman who seduces men, or it is part of a shoe, or something that has been fixed to use again.

Is there another meaning for one of the words that you are thinking of?

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Q: What does "riffs on the news" mean?

Sekulow started his radio show more than two decades ago, and his website claims the show is broadcast on more than 1,050 stations, many with a Christian theme, and on SiriusXM satellite radio. It's also streamed online through social media. He also does a weekly cable TV show that appears on several religious channels.

He often riffs on the news, such as the federal shutdown or recent anti-government protests in Iran. But he also opines about issues he's handling as Trump's lawyer, a tactic that other defense lawyers said may not always serve the president's best interests.
A: to riff on something = to provide humorous commentary about something

He often riffs on the news = Sekulow likes to make jokes about current events during his broadcasts
Q: What does to riff mean?
A: I think it means to improvise and make variations.
Q: What does "riff raff" means?

- living dead pricks
that help keep the riff raff out.
A: Riff raff is a slang term for people you don't want. Like, trouble makers.
Q: She goes off to riff a little bit on that song. What does this mean?
A: I think 'riff' is a newer word which comes from rock n' roll music. It is a short, catchy melody that can be completely unplanned (at least initially; once it is discovered, then the person might record it as part of a song).

Any good song you hear probably has a couple of good riffs.

So if she literally 'goes off to riff' in a song, she must be improvising some new melody or melodies as a solo, or something like that.

To "go on a riff" is now also extended to someone speaking who talks about a subject in an improvised way.

This is just my thought on the subject… others should weigh in.

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