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Q: Che cosa significa rizz?
A: it means charisma in tiktok culture which is spilling its way into the mainstream internet culture. A lot of millennials and gen xers and boomers don't know what it means, but it's slowly becoming more popular amongst the millennials at least.

she has rizz = she has swag = she has game
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it just means that this girl can flirt and get any guy she wants (you can say it about men too)

usually these people are бабок womanizer/users and just like to have a good time and then leave (they aren't good longterm partners)
Q: Che cosa significa rizz?
A: it’s like, how good you are at flirting
Q: Che cosa significa rizz?
A: it's slang. did someone call you that? if your first name starts with a R.... it may be a slang term for your name.

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