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Q: Che cosa significa To rustle up some grub?
A: That means to find some food. It's slang, and the kind of slang someone from a rural area might say.
Q: Che cosa significa I'll rustle up some grub downstairs!?
A: “Grub” is a casual, not very used word meaning food. “Rustle up” is also casual for saying “find”

Putting this together: “I’ll find some food downstairs!”
Q: Che cosa significa What does,,rustle up" mean? Is that common in America? ?
A: Interesting, I'm really tired and not thinking my best, but I don't think I've heard that before.. Not sure if it's a regional thing or just me, I've lived in the northeastern US all my life.
Q: Che cosa significa let's rustle up me tucker?
A: @Chiky, what's the context? Because, quite honestly, I don't know.
Q: Che cosa significa rustle my jimmies?
A: I have never heard of the phrase but I guess it means when you are angry with someone's comment. For example
Man 1: "This guy is your boyfriend? He's worthless!"

Man 2: "That really does Rustle My Jimmies man..."
Hope this helps

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con rustle up .
A: He rustled up a quick breakfast.
I am going to rustle up some scrambled eggs.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra rustle e crinkle ?
A: Crinkle is more like crushing aluminum foil while rustle is more subtle. Leaves and blankets can rustle, but never crinkle. Things that crinkle tend to be harder or metallic.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra rustle e noise ?
A: Rustle is a specific noise. The noise created by shaking bushes in thick growth, is a ruslting noise. Animals, birds, wind are the common causes.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra rustle up e scare up ?
A: They're both informal Western/Southern ways to say "find, gather."

"Rustle up" might have more of a mischievous connotation because to rustle cattle is to steal them.

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Q: 1. There was a rustle of paper as people turned the pages.
2. There was a rustling of paper as people turned the pages.
3. There were rustles of paper as people turned the pages.
4. There were rustlings of paper as people turned the pages.

Which is correct?

Well, technically paper is being used in the uncountable mode, so all of these could be used. The first and second ones are very familiar – this is how most people would say it. The third one is a little strange, but I can't say that it's definitively wrong. Again the third one, it's totally fine. You see, you have used all of the correct prepositions and connecting words. Everything is perfectly conjugated. This has done all of the work for you – or should I say, there is no additional work to do when it comes to the conjugation of the action. A rustle, rustles, rustling – it's all good.
Q: is it natural? I'll rustle up tea for you.
A: I guess it's natural, but I don't remember ever hearing it that way. I have always heard it this way: I'll rustle up some tea for you.
Q: let's see if we can rustle up a cup of coffee sembra naturale?
A: got it, thank you

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