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Q: Che cosa significa All Saints hero. He drove the right kind of car—Mercedes—and possessed that mystifying aura of a true alpha. He always had the room. Even when he was completely silent.

Explain definition of "HE ALWAYS HAD THE ROOM"?
A: It means he was always the center of attention. When he walked in a room, everyone looked. It's said in a positive context.
Q: Che cosa significa Saints have hands that pilgrims can touch, and palm to palm is how holy palmers kiss?
A: People have different opinions on what this line means, but I will say one of the more accepted opinions of what it means.

The line suggests that Juliet is telling Romeo that 'saints' use their hands in prayer. Pilgrims are people who travel to church (or other holy places) for religious reasons. So Juliet is saying that she is like a saint and that Romeo is like a pilgrim, which means that he should be happy enough to hold her hands, instead of having a kiss.

I hope that helps!

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Q: Saints and poets can help us go beyond secular reason. sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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