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Q: Che cosa significa Saved by the bell ( Bee Gees song) ?
A: teachers always say that when students have oral exams but then the bell rings and so the teacher has to go, so if they didn’t know what to answer to the exam they were saved by the bell.
Q: Che cosa significa Saved by the bell?
A: “escape from a difficult situation narrowly or by an unexpected intervention”
To escape from a situation at the last minute
Q: Che cosa significa Saved by the bell?
A: When you are in school the bell rings meaning you can leave. If your teacher is about to give you homework and the bell rings you are "saved by the bell"

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Q: Saved or have saved?
Thank you
A: @Nakab saved
Q: Saved child of God sembra naturale?
A: × Saved child of God
✓ "I am a saved child of God: or "I was saved by a child of God" sounds more natural.

Saved data can be read using the device for navigation app that is installed in recent smartphones. sembra naturale?
A: I rephrased it slightly, but it depends on what context.

“Recently saved data can be read using the navigation app on the device. “
Q: Saved,Arrived, improved, killed,closed sembra naturale?
A: The way you said "saved" sounded like "safety", try to lessen the stress on the "ed". The others were great!

Hope this helped!
Q: Saved by the bell. sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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