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Q: Che cosa significa and I took my savings and teamed up with a fellow Penn grad,?

I took my savings – I collected up all of my money

Teamed up with – made a partnership with

A fellow Penn grad - Another person who, like me, graduated from Penn university
Q: Che cosa significa savings?
A: ‘Savings’ refers to the amount of money someone has saved. Many people also have a ‘savings’ account at the bank, which holds money that they try not to use unless absolutely necessary. Savings accounts are used usually when there is an emergency (for example, when the car breaks unexpectedly), or when making major purchases (like buying a house). For basic, everyday purchases, people take money from their ‘checking’ account!
Q: Che cosa significa Your savings are propping up your office?
A: It sounds like someone saying "Your business has no income/sales. The only reason your business isn't closing permanently is because you have a lot of money saved, which you are using to stay in business."
Q: Che cosa significa some of savings are ploughed back into higher state?
A: To "plough back" means to put back in, to reinvest. "I made a lot of money last year, but I plowed it all back into my business". I don't know what higher state means.
Q: Che cosa significa we're passing the savings on to you?
A: @Ri-na It means they have saved money on [something], so they can sell to you at a cheaper price.

It means they save, and then you save. The saving is passed on.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con In savings.
A: My money is in savings
You should put your money in savings
I want to put my money in savings

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra She deceived him into handing over his savings e She deceived him by handing over his savings. ?
A: Totally different.
1. She deceived him into handling over his savings. = The guy is giving out his savings

2. She deceived him by handing over his savings. = The girl is the one who gives out the saving

but both sentences is THE GIRL who is trying to deceive the guy.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra savings e deposit ?
A: Savings is when you have an amount of money in the bank or wherever you keep the money you say. Example: I only have 10 dollars left in my savings (account)
Deposit means to put money into your savings account. Example: Since I only had 10 dollars left in my savings, my mom made deposit 20 more dollars.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? so much savings / so many savings

so much hair / so many hair

Which one is correct??
A: To be kind of depends on the situation!


~You would say “so much savings,” due to correct grammar

~For the hair, both of them *could* be correct. “Wow! You have so much hair! It’s super pretty!” or “There are so many strands of hair on the bathroom walls.”

Hope this helps!!

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Q: what does "contribute" and "savings account" mean in the context?
A: Contribute in this sense means to add money to a savings account. A savings account is something you can create at a bank where you place money to save for the future. (You get some interest on it too aka. more money from leaving it in the bank)
Q: Why do we say savings account instead of saving account?
A: Because it contains your savings. People refer to their savings not their saving, because it's almost always money that has been collected over time from various sources, not just a singular saving from one payment.
Q: I haven't reached my savings where I want it to. sembra naturale?
A: My savings haven't reached the point that I want them to.

I haven't saved as much as I want yet – this is very natural
Q: Q92.How much do you have in savings?
I can’t tell the exact amount of it, but as I’ve been preparing to go study abroad. So I’m saving in older to go someday. sembra naturale?
A: × How much do you have in savings?
✓ How much do you have in savings account?

- How much money do you have in your saving account?
- I'm not sure about the exact amount but I am going to go abroad to study so I'm saving my money in order to get ready anytime.
Q: I trust you my savings
I entrust you my savings

Whats the difference?
A: You would use “trust” for confidence with partnership.

“Entrust” if you are giving something to someone

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