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Q: SCHMIDT: And only you can make those fruity drinks that used to make the girls lose their minds in college.

NICK: Fine, I'll do it, but I'm not making those drinks.

WINSTON: Oh, come on, Nick. You have a gift. Why you always trying to hide your light under a bushel?

NICK: Because, sure, I could get a girl topless, no bra, with one hollowed-out papaya, some crushed ice and two fingers of rum, but then I grew up.
Now I only want to make a drink that
a coal miner would want. Straightforward, honest. Something that says, "I work in a hole."

What is "a coal miner"?
What does "I work in a hole" mean??
A: You just have to think about the literal meaning haha. These are not standard expressions in English; he's using them metaphorically. A coal miner (광부) is someone who works in a mine, which is basically a hole in the ground, right? Working in mines is dirty, dangerous work. So if a drink says "I work in a hole" (of course the drink can't literally "say" this), it means that the drink is probably not very pretty or elaborate.

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