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Q: Che cosa significa ‘wee’ in Scottish?
A: Most Scots speakers would use “wee” and “small” interchangeably, like how English uses “small” and “little” interchangeably. Some might use one more often, but it just depends on the person and the situation. Hope this helps!
Q: Che cosa significa Scottish sweater?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Che cosa significa Scottish shower?
Q: Che cosa significa in Scottish slang "ram yer 1902"?
A: See the song here.
It is a reference to the team winning the Scottish Cup in the year 1902!

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Scottish chauffeur.
A: Scottish chauffeur
Q: How did Scottish Children(boy and girl) play in 18 century?

I am examing information about child‘s play in SCOTLAND expecially during 18~19 century because I want to write the story that is set in Scotland in 18 century.

I wonder whether Scottish Children played Soccer with friends,played house using some traditional doll or Something with friends... Please give me some information about scottish child′s play.
A: sounds like an interesting story
頑張って 😊 England is great too!
Q: When I listened to a Scottish radio, I heard they said 19 minutes pass one. I know that means 1:19 pm. I am curious if that's a common expression of time in Scotland only. Thank you.
A: 普遍英文是這樣表達時間
Q: The Scottish general Macbeth made the king's servant a murderer by using his dagger and putting the king's blood on his hand. sembra naturale?
A: Your grammar is correct, but it's a little unclear what you mean by "his dagger" and "his hand". Who is "he"?
Q: Scottish English seems to have too strong an accent to me. Can you Americans hear it clearly?
A: I can understand it pretty easily, but I lived in the UK a few years. It's one of my favorite accents.

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