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Q: Che cosa significa seams of coal?
A: a "coal seam" is a coal mine that is thick enough to be mined. So "seams of coal" means coal mines.
Q: Che cosa significa at the seams?
A: The expression “falling apart at the seams”/ “coming apart at the seams” is used to refer to something that is in bad condition.

An object:
- That bike is 50 years old. It’s coming apart at the seams.
-The building is falling apart at the seams. It needs new plumbing, a paint job, and the stairs need fixing.

A person:
- The man is still very upset about his divorce. He cries everyday, he misses work, and he is barely sleeping. He is coming apart at the seams.
Q: Che cosa significa At the seams.

Ex) It was always tearing at the seams.
* In this sentence tearing meaning us rip off or just cry??
A: You would say "at the seams" since you are saying where it is tearing on the fabric with the preposition "at". If you only wanted to put emphasis on the seams of the fabric, you could just say the seams are tearing." You can't just say "tearing the seams" because it has no subject for the verb. If you did an a subject, it would become like "he is tearing the seams", which changes the meaning to someone acting upon the seams instead of just stating an observation.
Q: Che cosa significa seams?
A: Seams = las costuras
Q: Che cosa significa seam?
A: It's the place where something is stitched together on clothing or fabric

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra seam e thread ?
A: Ahhh, good question. Stitches are the loops that the thread makes when 2 pieces of material are "stitched" or "sewn" together. You put thread in a sewing machine. The sewing machine uses the thread to make stitches that hold two pieces of material together at a seam. Note that "seam" can be more generally used as "the junction of two things", for example, 2 pieces of metal can be welded together. No thread is used, but the line where the two pieces are joined is still a seam.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? ripping at the seams
A: "The plan was ripping at the seams."

Ripping at the seams = to fall or tear apart
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? seam
A: LIKE: "SEEM". sounds the same as dream, scream, cream, meme, team
(Long E sound)
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? the seam of my dress ripped off at my bottom
A: The sentence doesn’t make sense. Do you mean
1-“ the seam of my dress ripped off at the bottom”
2-“The seam of my dress ripped at my bottom”

1- means the bottom of your skirt hem ripped
2- means the seam ripped by your butt.

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Q: It seams that they changed "In..." into "[i]n..." because "In" should be lowercase when not at the beginning of a sentence? Aren't quotation marks able to preserve uppercase for quote even if it's at the middle or end of a sentence?
A: You're right, the reason they changed "In" to "[i]n" is to make it lowercase in the middle of a sentence. I think the confusion arises from two slightly different ways to use quotation marks when quoting someone.
Quotation marks can just quote the person directly, like: X said "Y." So for instance the sentence could be written in this way like:
MIT Technology Review stated, "In the West, the system is highly controversial."
This is a correct sentence. This style is often used when the emphasis is on the exact words the person said. However, there are other times when you want to quote a person indirectly, but still ensure that the reader knows what the person's exact words were. This is what is happening here. The article wants to say:
MIT Technology Review stated that in the West, the system is highly controversial.
This is also a correct sentence. Note the use of "that" for indirect quotation, which was also used in the article. However, if written like that, the reader does not know whether the article is paraphrasing or not. So instead it is rewritten like:
"MIT Technology Review stated that, "[i]n the West, the system is highly controversial."
This allows the article to keep the feel of the indirect quote, since the point they're making isn't directly related to the exact words that MIT Technology Review said, while also making it clear that they aren't altering their words in any way beyond making the first letter lowercase.
Hope this helps!!
Q: How do you describe this picture?

The seam is split open?
Are there other ways to say it?
A: I'd say the seam is split open sounds right.
Q: I had never seen it, but it seams to be popular item in California. sembra naturale?
A: × I had never seen it, but it seams to be popular item in California.
✓ I had never seen it, but it seams to be a popular item in California.

Q: How do you describe this?

"The seam of the pants is ripped, and you can see a string."
A: The pants are ripped at the seam, and you can see the loose thread.

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