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Q: Che cosa significa seconded?
A: There are two meanings that I’m aware of.

1) To be sent on secondment. That is, a work assignment in a different part of your organisation.

2) To agree with someone else. That is, the second person in agreement.

In the UK the pronunciation is different depending on the meaning, but it is quite subtle.
Q: Che cosa significa "seconded"?
A: It means you agreed with another. It's not a word you hear conversationally; it's usually in a council meeting or similar setting, where one person suggests a rule, vote, change, or person for a job and needs another person to agree for it to happen. When the second person agrees, they are seconding the opinion so that it can move forward. Things are not thirded, that's not a word.

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Q: We all seconded if we have adopted children, we should tell he/she was adopted at their young age. sembra naturale?
A: We seconded that if we have adopted children, we will tell them (or him/her) that they were adopted at a young age.


we will tell them when they are young that they were adopted

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