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1. I went up to the selller and asked, "how much is it?"

2. I can't keep up with people who climb up in front of me.

3. They set up tables.

4. I've taken up bicycling since I was a little.

5. I don't have kids to bring up.

6. All people are backed up in a line.

7. My roon is taken up by two desks.

8. When are you going to turn up? How have you been?

9. I ended up reading the last page of the book.

 sembra naturale?
1. 그냥 오타겠지만 selller -> seller :)
2. 문법은 맞는데 무슨 뜻인지 확실하지 않아요
4. I took up bicycling when I was little 아니면 I’ve been bicycling since I was little
5. back up은 뜻이 많아서 확인하고 싶은데 줄에 서있는 사람들이 많다는 뜻으로 쓰시는 거죠? 그렇다면, The line is backed up.
7. 이것도 오타인 거 같은데 roon -> room

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