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Q: Che cosa significa it makes about six servings of soup

it's the chicken recipe.?
A: "It makes about six servings of soup" significa che la ricetta della zuppa fa abbastanza per sei persone.

"It's the chicken recipe" significa che è una ricetta con il pollo.
Q: Che cosa significa servings ?
A: a quantity of food suitable for or served to one person.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra servings, portion e intake ?
A: Servings: khẩu phần ăn được định sẵn
Vd: khẩu phần ăn trưa của nhà trường
Portion: bạn ăn với số lượng tuỳ ý
Intake: lượng thức ăn bạn có thể tiêu thụ
Q: Qual è la differenza tra “I would like (should I put 'to have' here?) no more than 5 servings of potatoes” e “I would like to have at most 5 servings of potatoes” ?
A: they mean the same thing
Q: Qual è la differenza tra four servings of rice e four portions of rice ?
A: Yes here you can use either. "Portion" can be used more widely whereas serving is only for food.
e.g "We all got an even portion of the money"
"I got a 2 acre portion of the land"

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Q: 2 servings of "Motsu Nabe (Beef)" 980 yen(per serving/tax included)
※Motsunabe is a Japanese food that is made from Beef or Pork Tripe offal.
Additional ingredients: Motsu (Beef Tripe offal) 300 yen (tax included)
Raw egg 100 yen (tax included)
Cheese: 55 yen (tax included)
sembra naturale?
A: Since these are essentially notes, thus they don't have to be complete sentences, almost anything that portrays the instructions sounds natural.
Q: Can I get two servings of butter chicken? sembra naturale?
A: Can I get two helpings of butter chicken, please?
Q: How many servings for a pack of pork belly?

Is this sentence correct grammatically??

Thanks :)
A: It lacks a verb. "How many servings are in a pack of pork belly?"

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