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Q: Che cosa significa What does "settling the timing" of the debate mean??
A: Agree on the timing.

Sorting out how long the debate will last. Or when the debate will start
Q: Che cosa significa "settling" in 177?
A: If a house is settling, it means that parts of the house are creaking or shifting due to gravity. It doesn't mean the house is falling down.

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Q: What is meant by 'settling' in this context?
A: Being adjusted slightly downward by gravity.
Q: We’re settling in the new living environment here. sembra naturale?
A: × We’re settling in the new living environment here.
✓ We’re settling into our new living environment here.

living environmentは別に問題ないですが、"life"や"lifestyle"や"living situation"などの方が自然と思います。
Q: which one would be more natural in U.S.?

1. settling in services
2. settle down services
3. relocation services
4. private settling in services

sembra naturale?
Q: What means "settling in well" means? Could you give an example?
A: It means to get used to being somewhere new. It's often used as an expression when someone moves away from home to say they are content with where they are now.

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