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Q: " * Shannon adores having breakfast with her girlfriends every Saturday morning.

* Eating pork goes against the teachings of some religions.

* It’s our belief that our company needs to change our image or we won’t survive for another year.

* I wish we could go on skiing forever, but it’s starting to get dark.

* Betty and her sister seem to be joined at the hip. I’ve never seen one without the other.

*Edgar told his girlfriend that he wanted more space to spend time with his friends.

* Nobody likes Will’s decision, but they don’t want to rock the boat by telling him so.

* Angie wants to hold off on going to college and travel in Europe for a year after she finishes high school." sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Can you listen to Shannon song ? Is that right!
A: @sarix Shannon's

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