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Q: Che cosa significa He woke up to her shouting at the cat.?
A: She was yelling at the cat so he woke up
Q: Che cosa significa
constant shouting bothered Mr. Brown. Several times, he asked them

to be quiet. However, they did not listen to their fater. 

このfater はどういう意味ですか??
A: There are kids making a lot of noise and it bothers Mr. Brown, the father. He asked the children several times to be quiet, but they did not obey their father.

It's not a saying or story often told here though. I had never heard of it.
Q: Che cosa significa all over but the shouting ?
A: All over but the shouting means that everything apart from the shouting has stopped. For example: the battle had stopped it was all over but the shouting between the two last survivors.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra 1. Upon her shouting, he woke up. e 2. At her shouting, he woke up. e 3. To her shouting, he woke up. ?
A: 1. Upon her shouting, he woke up (you can start a sentence like this)
2. He woke up at her shouting to the cat. (this one there is a person she was shouting at and he was woken up because of that, 3. is the better way to say 2&3 are similar)
3. He woke up to her shouting at the cat.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Quit shouting! e Stop shouting! ?
A: stop shouting sounds more natural
Q: Qual è la differenza tra "Why 'are you' shouting" e "Why 'you are' shouting" ?
A: On there own, the first is correct and the second is not. But as @murderdoll points out, the second would make sense if it is part of a relative clause.

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Q: is it correct to say, "I'm fed up with my mum shouting at me all the time without having any justifiable reason.

I'm really looking forward to him going to my birthday party. It will definitely be the best birthday ever.

Many suicides occur by people cutting themselves off from everybody else."?
A: Good job!

Sentence 1:
- In AmE we say "mom", not "mum". This is a small point.
- To sound more natural, you can switch "without having any justifiable reason" to "for no good reason". Your way is grammatically correct, but this variant is more common and natural in speech (and it's shorter).

Sentence 3:
- After "many suicides occur by", I'm expecting to hear the way the suicide is performed (by hanging, stabbing, etc.). I think the meaning of your sentence would be better captured by "Many suicides are preceded by" or "Many suicides are a result of".

Feel free to ask questions if anything I said was unclear
Q: I can't stand his shouting when he is angry. sembra naturale?
A: there are many ways to say this. your attempt is quite decent and understandable. you can also say it as " I can't stand it when he's shouting/screaming in anger
Q: Lately I feel like shouting those two words (somebody help) alot or i want to shout by those two words alot.
please correct me 🙏 sembra naturale?
A: "Lately I feel like shouting those two words a lot" is correct
Q: What does this 'deny shouting' mean?
Because I thought 'deny 〜ing' means that somebody doesn't admit of doing something, 'deny shouting' could mean the customer didn't admit of his/her shouting,
but in the context in the picture below, it sounds like the customer denied what the staff said, that was shoplifting, in a loud voice, that was shouting.

So is 'deny shouting' structually ambiguous?
Or is this sentence not good sentence to mean 'deny something in a loud voice'?
A: I think it's supposed to be "The customer denied, shouting..." so no, it doesn't mean anything else ^^

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