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Q: Che cosa significa sideline as in ",,,as many people remain on the sidelines of the job market."?
A: it's using an analogy of a football game. some players are playing, some players are on the sidelines (not playing).

people on the sidelines of the job market do not have jobs, and are not looking for jobs.
Q: Che cosa significa sidelines in the sentence below ?
A: It most likely means they had a separate, private conversation between the two of them. They did not include the leaders from any of the other countries, and it was not an open conversation for all to hear.
Q: Che cosa significa sidelined?
A: It's a phrase that comes from sports. An athlete who is taken off the field is standing on the sidelines. So to be sidelined is to be taken out of the action.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con on the sidelines .
A: I want to play in the game, but with my broken leg I have to watch from the sidelines.

You go ahead and lead the meeting. I’ll watch from the sidelines.

It’s hard to contribute to achieving our goal when you are standing on the sidelines.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con sideline.

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Q: What does "on the sidelines of" below mean?

President Biden leaves Saint Patrick's Church after attending mass on Saturday in Rome on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.
A: I think it means in between. It’s a big deal that Biden attended mass and had permission from the Pope to receive communion. He is a supporter of abortion rights although he is a strong Catholic, and his stance is very controversial. It’s sort of a side story to his being in Rome for the G-20 Summit.
Q: I'd like to know what "stay on the sidelines and miss out" means.
Thanks in advance.
A: Staying on the sidelines is a reference to American football. The sidelines, on either side of the playing field, are where the coaches and staff stand and the players who are not on the field playing also sit or stand on the sidelines. So someone on the sidelines is not "in the game" and not being a part of the action on the field.
The expression, therefore, about staying on the sidelines when it refers to something else means that a person is just a spectator and not part of the action. Not part of what is going on. Not involved in something. So the sentence you asked about means this person doesn't want to stand by, on the sidelines, and miss out on the new tech.
Q: I’m doing sideline. sembra naturale?
A: Instead of “I’m doing sideline” I would say “ I’m on the sideline.”🙂
Q: What do you say, "sideline question" or "second question"? After you receive an answer for your first question, another question may come to you. What do you call the question?
A: @milkyponpon Oh, that's very simple! Thank you for your answers! :)
Q: They met on the sideline of the annual ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting.what is the meaning of met on the sideline?
A: It is hard to answer without context, but I think it is something like this:

In sports, the sideline is outside of the action. The coach and the substitute players are on the sideline.

So, I think your sentence means that they met outside of the meeting. Perhaps alongside the meeting. Just not during the meeting.

Again, it might be hard to understand without context.

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