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Q: Che cosa significa it seems so situational.
A: I think it means "It seems like it's only relevant in certain situations."
Q: Che cosa significa situational irony ?
A: This will explain situational irony:

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra situational awareness e situation awareness ?
A: situational awareness = awareness that only happens in some situations
situation awareness = the awareness in one particular situation
Sally only has situational awareness of her surroundings.
Maria thinks that the amount of situation awareness in this case is too little.
..But the word "situation awareness" is not really grammatically correct so I suggest you don't use that word
Q: Qual è la differenza tra situational awareness e situational recognition ?
A: I don’t see the phrase “situational recognition” often, but “situational awareness” means to know what’s happening around you physically.

- In the wild, situational awareness is crucial to avoid dangerous wild animals
- People these days don’t have any situational awareness because they’re always on their phones

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Q: What does “Very situational, but into the back pocket it goes!” mean?
A: The usage for this is fairly rare, but I will remember it in case I ever need it.
Q: Please let me know if I’m wrong. I found it quite situational what it means when you say “Don’t think~”, it can be a command saying “Stop thinking that~” but also just you stating your opinion without saying the subject “I”.
A: Yes that’s correct. However, the second meaning is more common.

If we want to say the first meaning, we would say “I won’t always be able to help you”


I don’t think I can always help you. (“I” is very important.)

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