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Q: Qual è la differenza tra i skipped school yesterday, therefore i haven't seen my teacher e I was absent yesterday, I haven't seen my teacher. e I took a day off yesterday, I haven't seen my teacher. e I asked for a leave yesterday, I haven't seen my teacher. ?
A: 1. "Skipped school" means that you didn't have permission to be absent.

2. "Absent" means you weren't there.

3. "took day of" is being absent, usually with permission.

4. asked for leave, you have asked to be absent. Asking doesn't mean it has been accepted yet, but in this case, since you haven't seen the teacher, I guess it was accepted and you were absent.

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Q: i skipped so many questions. i’ve actually done my test only in 3 minutes because i didn’t get any question. i slept for entire of test time. we are graded on a curve on most subjects in my country and everyone seems they did well with their test except me. i’m the laziest one in the world and i literally can’t concentrate on anything

can anyone make this natural?
A: I skipped most of the question in the test because I didn't know the answers. I completed my test in just 3 minutes and for rest of the test time, I slept. It seems everyone other than me has done well in the test. In my country, grading on curve is used for most of the subjects. I feel, I am a lazy person who is not able to concentrate on anything.

I hope I have not lot the context.

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