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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Slangs?
Could you give me examples with the main slangs in USA?.
A: Hello: hi, hey, what's up?, how's it going?, (in text) heya
see you later: see ya, bye, later
help: give me a hand?, will you lend me a hand?, will you get that for me?
to thank: thanks, thank you, (in text) ty
you're welcome: no problem, no big deal, no biggie, don't worry about it
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con Slangs.
A: Here you go. This is to help you.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Slangs
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Slangs pls :)
A: I almost choked.

It’s pronounced and stressed like this:


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Q: which one is correct?

"Slangs are used in every day situations"
"slangs are use in every day situations"
Q: Slangs you use most often!
Do you have habits when you speak English? do you use slang? or do you shorten your words? I'd like to know what do you use on a daily bases!
A: Lmao: lauging my a*s off
Ttyl: talk to you later
Idky: Idk you
Lmfao: laughing my f*ck*ng a*s off

Sorry for the bad words V
Q: Slangs that teens usually use pleasee 😊
A: Lit - awesome

Boi - just a saying that can be used towards girls and guys for many things

Example: "ooh boi get it"

"Boi. I'm about to slap you"
Q: Slangs
A: Bail out- salirse de un compromiso sin avisar "he bailed out on us"
Feeling blue- sentirse aguaitado "I'm feeling blue today"
Couch potato - olgasan "after graduating, he's been a couch potato"
To cram- estudiar al último momento "I didn't study so I'm cramming the night before the exam"
To crash- caer de cansancio "after cramming, I was so tired I crashed when I got home"
Down to earth - ser modesto "she's so down to earth"
For real? - de verdad?
To give the cold shoulder- darle las espalda a alguien (más o menos) "he was mad at his friend so he gave him the cold shoulder all morning"
Hyped- estar excitado (también eventos o fiestas pueden estar hyped) "the party was hyped"
Hang out- juntarse con amigos o conocidos "let's hang out after school"
Knocked up- estar embarazada "he knocked her up"
Knock- "knock it/him down" bajarle los humos a alguien o a algo "knock him down."
Lighten up- se lo dicen a alguien que está enojado, dandole a entender que quieren que se le pase el genio "dude, lighten up will ya? It was a joke."
Piece of cake- algo es muy fácil "this homework is a piece of cake"
Pig out- comer demasiado "we went to the buffet and pigged out"
Plead the fifth- no quieres decir nada. ( esto es usado en UUEE por la quinta ley del Bill of Rights que proteje el derecho de no incriminarse a si solo) "I pled the fifth when my mom asked who drank her coco water"
Screw up- meter la pata "her boss is mad because she screwed up"
Sweet- algo bueno que pasó. O algo que esta muy bonito. "That's a sweet ride."
Tight- describe que tan cerca está una competencia o también se usa para decir que algo está muy bien. Puede ser intercambiado con sweet. "It's a very tight competition"
Trashed - típicamente usado para describir algo o alguien que está echo un desastre. "She was so drunk, she was trashed when she went home"
Wrap it up- terminar algo. "Let's wrap this up people!"
Spill the beans- soltar la sopa "spill the beans. Who went home trashed last night?"

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