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Q: Che cosa significa slapping his thigh?
Q: Che cosa significa slapping?

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Q: I'm close to slapping you. sembra naturale?
A: It’s kind of like your are testing my temper or my patience.

Let me give an example scenario:

let’s say I’m joking with a friend and they say something I don’t like or agree with I can say that expression to show my displeasure about them. Not that I would actually slap them lol.
Q: どういう意味でしょうか?

「you are slapping me with inspiration right now.
you are making me wanna edit when i'm supported to be taking a break lmao.」
A: ちょっと間違いある
supported to be takingじゃなくて
supposed to be taking


lmao = laughing my ass off = laughing a lot

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