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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? sonar la nariz
A: Blow your nose

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Q: This new efficient sonar technology might be the revolutionary, epoch-making invention about managing sea! It could give us high-resolution images under the sea.

We have seen at medical fields the inner organs under the skin by ultrasonography, that gave us at the beginning only vague images. However, year by year during these 40 years its images have got better as if depicted by very sophisticated painter.

With this new sonar it might be able to know if the fishes under the boat are the exact one that they want to take or not. Even though we do not have the underwater video-camera, we could get the high-resolution images from the sea-surface several hundred meters away from the under-water objects. sembra naturale?
A: Nice choice of vocabulary! 👏🏻 Good job!

*form into a new sentence: Although it only provided vague images at the beginning, the past 40 years have shown an annual improvement of intricacy. At present, these images are depicted as if they were painted by a sophisticated realist (a painter who specializes in realism).

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