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Q: Che cosa significa emotional spender?
A: Someone who goes shopping to make themself happy.
Q: Che cosa significa spender?
A: As in "big spender"?

It means someone who has a lot of money and freely buys many things.
Q: Che cosa significa a big spender, a spendthrift and tightwad
(Please give me some examples) Thank you! ?
A: a big spender - alguien que pagan mucho dinero con frecuencia

thrifty spender - alguien quien es frugal

tightwad - agarrado/tacaño

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra a big spender e a spendthrift ?
A: Both describe a person who spends a lot of money.

"Spendthrift" has a little more of an implication that the person spends money recklessly or irresponsibly. Maybe they are spending more money than they can afford to. They are "loose" with their money.

"Big spender" is a little more neutral. For example, I would describe someone who is rich and can afford to spend their money as a "big spender", but not necessarily a "spendthrift".

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? he is a spender
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: In "The spenders bought all merchandises in the market. So there is no mask to flatten the curb.", can "all merchandises" mean "mask"?
A: Yeah. Masks are one of the merchandises.
Q: I turned out to be a spender as I grew up and it was the opposite reaction to my parents. But after I got kids, I turned out to be a saver. It’s true that more kids you have, more frugal you would be. sembra naturale?
A: I was a heavy spender before I got married. My parents reacted badly to that personality of mine. But after I got kids, I turned out to be a saver. It's true that having kids makes you more frugal.
Q: He used to be heavy lavish spender. That was why he was poor now.

**Japanese translation
彼はひどい浪費家だったので、今は貧乏です。 sembra naturale?
A: "He used to be a heavy, lavish spender. That is why he is poor now."
Q: Why are you such a profligate spender ? Can't you be frugal for once in your entire lifetime ?
sembra naturale?
A: "Profligate" is a very rare word. I would say "a big spender" or "why are you so bad with money?"

"For once in your life" is the phrase that Americans use.

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