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Q: Che cosa significa I was watching spiderman and I could hear that he was say this but what does "Does anyone have any neighborhood questions?" means? I wanna know " neighborhood questions" is it like a light question or something??
A: non native english speaker here 👋

I don't think there's any idiomatic expression there, it's literally what it means.

If I'm recalling correctly this phrase is from one of those new Spider-Man movies(spider man far from home, maybe?), am I right? Well, in this scene(I think) the reporters are asking Peter Parker( or PP if you are a close friend) about what he's planning to do, but the questions are way more serious like: Are you planning to join the avengers?, The earth is under risk to be attacked again?.. and so on. He kind freaked out and say "Does anyone have any neighborhood questions", is the same then "does anyone have any questions related to the neighborhood?" or something alike. So yea, it's kind a "light question", because he wanted to receive less complex and polemic questions but at the same time he's asking if anyone have a question about the neighborhood, as his persona originally defends only the neighborhood.

(If I'm right I really don't know how I remember something so random and specific xD)
Q: Che cosa significa he is even the best spiderman ?
A: Something related to the previous question. Probably the claim that he was the best Spider-Man is weaker than a claim made earlier in the conversation.

For example, once The Beatles were asked whether they think their drummer, Ringo Starr, was the best drummer in the world. One of them replied, "The best drummer in the world? He isn't even the best drummer in the Beatles."
Q: Che cosa significa spiderman:That is awesome, dude.?
A: それは本当にきちんとしています。
Awesome is amazing
Dude is slang and is used to casually reference anouther person. usually a freind.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra you are not spiderman e you is not spiderman ?
A: "you is not spiderman" is wrong.
"you are not spiderman" is right.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra If I were a spiderman, I would climb the mountains. e If I were a spiderman, I would have climbed the mountains. ?
A: thanks a lot! Got your point! But would you mind rewriting the second sentence with the corrections?

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Q: If I were a spiderman, I would shoot spider web from my fingers. sembra naturale?
A: It's grammatically sound!
Ah, the conditional clauses still gives me the shivers. XD
Q: i like the spiderman sembra naturale?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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