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Q: Che cosa significa Now, as Stanley ""lay"" on his cot, he thought it was kind of funny in a way?
A: Thank You so much!!!
Q: Che cosa significa It took Stanley nearly that ""long"" to get used to the cold water?
A: long refers to a period of time.
Q: Che cosa significa Stanley thought about the long, miserable bus ride and felt a little ""sorry"" for the guard and the bus driver.?
A: If you “feel sorry for” someone, you feel sad because they are in a bad situation.
Q: Che cosa significa although I’m sure Stanley has had his fair share of obstacles.?
A: It means he has had trouble or set backs. Things didn't go his way.

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Q: Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of sneakers. However, he didn't really steal them. This is how he ended up ____ Camp Green Lake.

(a) at (b) in (c) to

Among these three prepositions, which one isn't fit for the blank in the last sentence? Or are all options okay? Please explain.

A: (a) at
"at" refers almost exclusively to a location or, more rare, state of being. "in" implies he's either inside the lake or he's contained in a location or state that he can't freely leave "in prison" or "in trouble". "to" just doesn't work with that verb used.
Q: Stanley always ........ in a crowd because he is over 7 feet tall. (to stick)
A: “sticks out”
Q: Stanley use to be a artist sembra naturale?
A: Context is natural but there are wrong points. You have to use "used" in a past tense because..well he is not an artist anymore and use "An artist" because artist starts with "A"

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