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Q: Che cosa significa And by His stripes we are healed ?
A: "Stripes" are the bloody wounds of Jesus. For example, He was scourged (whipped) and this left "stripes" (lines) in His flesh.

Stripes is shorthand for ALL of his various sufferings and physical wounds.

His wounds and all His physical suffering that He endured (agony in the garden, crown of thorns, carrying the cross, crucifixion) were the means of our salvation ("healing" per this scripture verse); it's the means by which our spiritual wounds are healed and the means by which our relationship with God the Father is healed (since it was damaged at the time of the Original sin of Adam and Eve.)
Q: Che cosa significa earn stripes?
A: It's an idiom of an originally military background (stripes on your arms/shoulders indicating rank), and "earning one's stripes" means that one worked one's way up the ranks through hard work, dedication and discipline.
Q: Che cosa significa "crazy about stripes"?
A: many times people use that phrase to show interest in that type of pattern in clothing, objects, and other things. they also use it with other patterns or things such as "crazy about polka dots" "crazy about puppies" etc.
Q: Che cosa significa stripes ?
A: shirt with stripes
Q: Che cosa significa I earn my stripes?
A: I deserve the position I have; I've gained this expertise through hard work.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con 'full of yourself' and 'earn you stripes'.
A: You're so full of yourself.
You aren't very full of yourself.
You need to earn your stripes.
She needs to earn her stripes.
One day you will finally earn your stripes.
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con stripes animals.
A: Some animals have stripes for example tigers and zebras.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra stripes e straps ?
A: A strap is a physical object while a stripe is a line

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? We both have stripes.
Both we have stripes.

Those two sentences are right?
A: “Both we have stripes” is always wrong, no matter the context; I don’t know where you got that info from @jiyoodesu . “We both have stripes” is correct.

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Q: What do you call these stripes in English? I believe there is a single vocab word the stripe part, which I assume is a word that begins with "f"...
Q: The stripes on your shirt make your eyes glimmer.
sembra naturale?
Q: The stripes on this shirt really make your eyes feel glimmering.
sembra naturale?
A: The stripes on your shirt make your eyes glimmer.
Q: stripes with stripes, spots with spots sembra naturale?
A: Yes it could, but it would need to be part of a complete sentence.

How did you plan to use it?

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