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Q: Che cosa significa subservient?
A: Subservient is a quality of a person who doesn’t fight back, just takes orders from other people and does what others want. It is kind of like submissive.

“He orders his wife around and she is subservient to him. I feel bad for her.”

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra subservient e submissive ?
A: subservient - less important, subordinate, e.g.

The needs of an individual are subservient to the needs of a society as a whole.

submissive - to obey without a question.

Confucian society expects children to be submissive to their parents

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Q: I worry that I was looked subservient, when I tweet in Japanese nuance.
Because I hard to verify.

確認することが難しいですから。 sembra naturale?
A: I worry that I was looked subservient,
I was worried I looked subservient,
I am worried I looked subservient,

Maybe. Not sure from the context why you are using “subservient.”

when I tweet in Japanese nuance.
Tweet with Japananese nuance?

Because I hard to verify.
Had to verify?
Q: are these different?

A: All of those words are very similar and mean basically the same thing. However, "subservient" can be seen as a negative quality while "obedient" is usually seen as a positive quality.

("Obedient" is used most often in conversation.)
Q: are these synonymous?


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