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Q: Che cosa significa What does "subversive wit" mean?
ex. My father is a funny man with subversive wit.
A: Subversive means not respecting authority and if you're witty you are clever and insightful. So someone with subversive wit is making jokes that are critical of established institutions like government or religion. Especially jokes that might make valid criticisms.
Q: Che cosa significa she takes a subversive delight in consumption.?
A: @Alba-Traoz Thank you so much for your help. but I want to know the meaning of "subversive delight" could you explain it? Is this an idiom?
Q: Che cosa significa subversive?
A: subversive = wanting to secretly wreck something, usually a government or a company

The Russian government considers Pussy Riot to be a subversive group.
The spy was arrested for committing subversive acts.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con subversive .
A: Subversive means to challenge or undermine (try to weaken) someone's authority.
"He was a subversive - he had dangerous ideas"
"The book was subversive - it challenged the thinking of the Government"
"Why do you persist with such subversive thoughts? They'll get you into trouble one day"

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