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Q: Che cosa significa The bullying sucked?
A: Sucked = slang for something being bad/not fun/annoying etc.

The bullying sucked = The bullying was not fun/the bullying gave me a hard time
Q: Che cosa significa sucked some serious ass?
A: Well I assume the context is a slang phrase we use to describe something that was really bad. "That movie sucked some serious ass."
Its derogatory slang that we use sometimes. Don't ever use it in a formal situation though.
Q: Che cosa significa sucked in?

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con sucked up.
A: 媚びた・ごますりをした
He often sucked up to the teacher.  
The the garbage was sucked up by the vacuum.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? is it correct to say i sucked my ring with the vacuum cleaner?
A: I think I would change it to "I sucked up my ring with the vacuum cleaner." (Or "I sucked my ring up with the vacuum cleaner.")

If you did this by accident and you want to emphasize that you didn't mean to do it, you could take yourself out of the sentence and say "The vacuum cleaner sucked up my ring." That's just a suggestion to change the feeling a little bit. All of these sentences have basically the same meaning.

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Q: What does "sucked into the world" mean?
A: It means to become immersed in or addicted to something, in this case lang-8.

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