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Q: Che cosa significa parental supervision?
A: means it needs parental guidance or help from parents
Q: Che cosa significa supervision?
A: To watch over something

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra supervision e regulation e surveillance ?
A: Supervision is watching over/ensuring that something is being done.
In this case, let's use an example of a student taking an exam.
"The student is taking an exam under the teacher's supervision."

Regulation is referring to a rule or law that controls or enforces something to be done.
"The student has to take his exam as it is part of the school's regulations."

Surveillance refers to a bigger authority closely watching over something that is being done. This is usually used in extreme cases such as police surveillance of a criminal through security cameras.
"The student is placed under surveillance during his exam through security cameras that watch him to catch any sign of cheating."
Q: Qual è la differenza tra supervision e observe ?
A: Supervision is just observing people to check on what they are doing-mostly used when making sure people are doing the right thing.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra supervision e surveillance ?
A: Surveillance is where you watch someone / something, either through cameras, direct sight, or other means such as listening.

Supervision means that you are more involved in the person/thing you are watching, and will have some control over what he/she/it does.

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Q: Which one is correct:
Under the supervision of Hanan
Or the supervision by Haman

I want to say تحت إشراف حنان
A: Under the supervision of Hanan

Is more correct.

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