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Q: Che cosa significa What does he say?
Suspects are.... ??
A: "The suspects have left the building. I repeat: they have left the building."

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Q: ‎The Usual Suspects 1995😁 sembra naturale?
A: You sound natural and very comfortable with English. I have some tips though:

I usually say “greatest trick” like: “greatis-chrick”

For the word “pulled”, you should pronounce he “d” at the end, I can’t hear it. In conversational speech, it doesn’t have to be a hard “d” sound, it can be a flick of the tip of your tongue against the roof of mouth (it doesn’t have to be a hard “d” sound for which you push out air)
Q: Suspects are rigorously interrogated regularly for hours each day without the presence of a lawyer. Critics refer to detention as mental torture. sembra naturale?

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