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Q: ​‎How to make a swan

1) First, you need a square.
2) Then, fold in half
3) Next, tips on the right and left go to the center.
4)then,Repeat the previous step
5)Next, flip the figure and take top tip to the bottom tip
6)after that, fold the tip small a bit, this will be the head of swan.
7)Next, fold the figure in half
8.)Finally, Up the bottom edge, this will be the neck of Swan
And say what is the mistake?

Thank you! ¿Cómo sembra naturale?
A: You don't need to put a comma after every "first" or "next". It makes it hard to read. Once in a while is okay, but not too much :)

2) Then fold IT in half.
3) Next, TAKE THE RIGHT AND LEFT tips and FOLD them to the center.
4) Repeat the previous step.
5) ... and FOLD the top...
6) After that, make a small fold at the tip, this...
8) Finally, fold up the bottom edge. This ...
Q: When you have seen the "Swan Lake"? sembra naturale?
A: "When have you seen swan lake?" Or "When did you see swan lake?"
Q: The swan lake is one of the famous ballet.
It called three big ballet "Nutcracker" "Sleeping beauty"and "Swan lake" sembra naturale?
A: 'Swan Lake' is a famous ballet. It is known as one of the three 'Big Ballets', consisting of 'The Nutcracker', 'Sleeping beauty' and 'Swan Lake'.
Q: Swan food markets hired chef Sarah to craft their signature home-style dishes.
この場合のsignature は品詞は何で意味は何ですか?
A: It means speciality or special dish. 名物とか。
It means a dish that the are famous for.

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