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Q: One Taiyaki tired of his life with being griddled. One morning, he had a fight with a Taiyaki man and escaped to the sea. He enjoyed his life in the sea, but end up with caught by a fisherman and eaten. sembra naturale?
A: If you mean 「一生毎日も焼き上げられた」:
"One Taiyaki was tired of being griddled his whole life."

"One morning, he had a fight with the Taiyaki man and escaped into the sea" I say 'The Taiyaki man' because 「特待のTaiyaki man」。

"He enjoyed life in the sea" For this part, 説明を分からない、ごめん!You can say "he enjoyed his hamburger" or "he enjoyed his new car"。 だけど、'life'なら、"he enjoyed life" sounds a bit more natural.

"but ended up being caught by a fisherman and eaten." or you can say "but in the end was caught by a fisherman and eaten."

面白い話を話してくれてありがとう😂Hope my 日本語 could help you a bit.
Q: I ate some Taiyaki. It's called Croissant-Taiyaki.
I have eaten Taiyaki, but this type is first time.
These are fish-shaped pancake stuffed with chocolate cream or custard cream.
It was good. sembra naturale?
A: 'I ate some Croissant-Taiyaki for the first time. They are fish-shaped pancakes stuffed with chocolate or custard cream. It was good.'

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