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Q: Che cosa significa 1. intend to highlight several brilliant and inspirational talks by Asian TED speakers. ?
A: TED is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.
Q: Che cosa significa {What about our talks makes you feel that way}?
A: ‘Talks’ here could also mean ‘conversations’ or ‘presentations’. So the question could be rephrased:

‘What part of our conversations made you feel happy/sad/....’

Or in context it might be:

A: I didn’t enjoy these talks
B: What about our talks makes you feel that way?
A: They were too complicated
Q: Che cosa significa what are fancy talks? ?
A: A "fancy talker" is someone who uses words that others don't understand, usually because they are trying to seem better than everyone else. It is usually said in spite to call someone out for showing off in this way or to discredit someone that one cannot understand. I see this mostly with Southerners and Southern stereotype characters.

"We've had enough of your fancy talking, Dr. Neil."
"Quit your fancy talking and start making some sense."
"This hospital's just full of these fancy talking doctors and I still don't know what's going on!"
Q: Che cosa significa impromptu talks ?
A: Impromtu - is something that you have not prepared to/for

An "impromtu talks" is having a conversation unexpectedly
Q: Che cosa significa He often talks in circles, frequently contradicting himself and often ends up saying nothing?
A: Talking in circles is when you keep talking but aren’t saying anything new. You just keep repeating the same ideas.

Contradicting yourself is saying things that can’t both be true like “I was born in Europe. The first country I was ever in was Japan”.

Saying nothing just means “saying nothing of value”.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra He barely talks. e He doesn't talk that much. e He doesn't talk often. e He is a man of few words e Which one is more natural and popular? ?
A: "He barely talks," "He doesn't talk that much," and "He doesn't talk that often" all mean the same thing and are very natural to say.

"He is a man of few words," has a more literary flavor to it and sounds more formal. You'd be more prone to hear that phrase in a book or a movie set in an older time period.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? where can I watch some teacher’s small talks? like movies, websites, TV series, anything would work for me :)
A: TED Talks on Youtube

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Q: He always talks one-sidedly.

Is this sentence correct?
A: "He is always biased against (subject)" is more commonly used.
Q: She only talks a few words right now, but she always mumbles and seems to trying to talk something to me. sembra naturale?
A: She only speaks a few words right now, but she always mumbles and seems to be trying to say something to me.
Q: She never talks badly about other people. sembra naturale?
A: Perfect 👌
Q: I'm still struggling to catch what they are talking in daily talks. Also I need to practice speaking more because I often stumble while I'm talking. But anyway, I feel like my English is coming along and I'm happy about that. sembra naturale?
A: I'm still stuggling to catch what they are saying in daily conversations. I also need to practice speaking more because I often stumble while I'm talking. But in any case, I feel like my English is coming along and I'm happy about that.

Though you still need a little work, your English is coming along nicely! :)
Q: There are not so many talks in the movie but instead, nature scenes and music emerge and act as though additional characters. sembra naturale?
A: Pretty good, but here's a suggestion:
"There is not a lot of conversation in the movie. Instead, (breathtaking) natural scenery and (poignant) music emerge and act as (though they are) additional characters."

Everything in parentheses can either be left in (without the parentheses of course) or omitted completely.

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