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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Tastes differ e no discussion about preferences ?
Lo siento,I’ve never seen “no discussion about preferences “ though it sounds like the synonym of “tastes differ”
I think you’re trying to find the synonyms of “tastes differ”,right?
Here they are:
There's no accounting for taste
One man's meat is another man's poison

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Q: Tastes or Palates ?

Everyone has their own unique palates / tastes. (about food)
Where should I use "tastes" and where "palates"?

2 question: how to say - я не переношу молочные продукты.
Means: I can't bear/stand dairy products. (which means that I literally 🤢 can get sick of it)
A: 1) I don't understand the question, need more context.

If you don't like dairy then you say 'I can't stand dairy products'
Or if you are allergic to lactose then say 'I'm lactose intolerant'.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Tastes
It tastes gross..
A: Often when I say ‘tastes’ as a verb in a sentence I drop the ‘tea’ and extend the vowel sound of the ‘a’.
Q: "Tastes palatable" is natural for English native speakers?
A: “It is tasty” or “it’s appetizing” sounds more positive and natural. “It’s edible” is more negative, but very natural.
Q: What did he say? Like, “... Tastes like neighborhood you’ve never been to” ? And what she said after this?
A: “Does that taste like a neighborhood you’ve never been to”
“Oh my god! Stop it!”

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