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Q: Che cosa significa TBT?
A: Throw back Thursday
Q: Che cosa significa # TBT 2) credit to owner 3) Xo sometimes I see it on social network ?
A: 1) TBT stands for ThrowBack Thursday. It's basically looking back at the past.

2) credit to owner is saying, the video/picture they uploaded does not belong to or was not created by them. So they are giving proper credit to the actual owner of video/picture.

3) and xo can have two meanings.
-Xo can mean hugs and kisses. (That's usually shown as this: xoxo)
-the second meaning which I'm guessing is what you have been seeing is an emoji face. XO it kinda makes an, "Oh my gosh" or "No way" face. An actual emoji example. 😵

I hope this helped~~
Q: Che cosa significa what's TBT means?
A: throwback Thursday. It's a hashtag used on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Throwback = a reminder; Memory of the past.

Every thursday, people post a photo of an old memory on Instagram, Twitter, etc. That's #tbt

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? TBT
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: '#TBT' means orginally ThrowBack Thursday.
But why Thursday? I can't find why. Anybody knows? Thanks.
A: A long time ago (I'm not 100% sure when), a magazine called Sports Illustrated made a blog titled "Nice Kicks" that came out every Thursday. The whole series was called "Throwback Thursdays" and it became popular as #TBT
About 2 years ago.
Before starting piano classes.
It means i had learnt this piece completely by myself!
sembra naturale?
A: I chose “Natural” only because this is the sort of thing that a native English speaker might post on Facebook or Instagram to caption a photo. In a normal paragraph or spoken English, this wouldn’t sound natural.

In case you don’t know, #TBT stands for Throw-Back Thursday (basically it means let’s share/remember something from the past today [Thursday]).

In terms of grammar and spelling, the “i” should be capitalized (as “I”) and “learnt” should be “learned” in US English (“learnt” is UK English). The short incomplete sentences are acceptable in this case because they’re just used to quickly describe something (like a picture) in short-form.
Q: What does 'TBT' mean?
A: "Throwback Thursday"

A "throwback" is when you remember the past

On Thursday, people post old pictures on Instagram and Facebook. They use it to share old memories with friends

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