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Q: Che cosa significa What does it mean by "get all Thanos on you"? (From 'And not to get all Thanos on you, but the human population is growing incredibly fast.')?
A: Thanos wanted to kill half the population of every planet, in the Avengers movies. So this is taken to mean that they're saying something that would be negative about the human population.
Q: Che cosa significa Thanos has to completely close his fist and can't do so without doing that?
A: @Superman94 The Russo Brothers are the producers/directors who shot the movie and they chose to film it in Edinburgh. “Edinburgh" is the Capital of Scotland.

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Q: Thanos has the best power in the Avengers' villains. sembra naturale?
A: Thanos has the best power of the Avengers' villains.
Q: Thanos was so much more powerful than I thought that all the superheroes can not beat him. sembra naturale?
A: Just change your punctuation a little: “Thanos was so much more powerful than I thought. None of the superheroes could beat him!”


“Thanos was so much more powerful than I thought- none of the other superheroes could beat him.”

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