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Q: Che cosa significa “ The renewed interest in history has provoked an emerging interest in theory, a concern for identifying general principles that inform the practice of design”

Does this mean that the interest in history brought questions towards the principle of design??
A: Yeah, basically.

You simplify as...
People became interested in the history of design again, so they also became interested in finding the fundamental principles driving the practice of design.

It's kind of a mouthful. 😅
Q: Che cosa significa ‎Kafka's The Castle repeatedly conveys a sense of insomnia and enervating wakefulness.?
A: The book describes what it feels like to be unable to sleep
Q: Che cosa significa “ The indie producer, who approached Netflix around for years ago via an agent for finance in a project already amber-lit (???) by a broadcaster”what does “amber-lit” mean? ?
A: vous savez l'expression "to green-light" quelque chose ? Donner l'autorisation. Vert à cause des feux de circulation. Eh bien, "amber light" = feu orange / jaune. Donc le project a reçu l'approbation provisoire du radiodiffuseur.
Q: Che cosa significa Cool прохладный и cool крутой, как различать?
The weather was cool. (???)?
A: Как и в русском, исключительно по контексту.
Приветствие было прохладным.
Кофе был прохладным.
Cool "крутой" можно сказать о машине, человеке и т.п. Погода скорее прохладная, чем крутая.
Q: Che cosa significa “ The nuclear cannon is armed. Permission to fire? You’re clear” what does “you’re clear” mean?
A: It means you are clear of all restrictions. There is nothing to stop you acting. You may act freely.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con “ The stepwell of Rani Ki Vav was built by Queen Udayamati during the late 11th century, but became silted up following a flood during the 13th century. " As far as i know, silt sth up is a phrasal verb, why we use it after" became" in this sentence? .
A: In my opinion, the phrase "silted up" was used in the sentence as the adjective version of "silt something up." Also, the intransitive version (without an object) of it is "silt up."
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con “ The life is really difficult “.
A: • I've taken up three additional part-time jobs to be able to provide for my family. My life is really difficult.
• It's hard to find someone who would love you unconditionally. Life is really difficult.
• I don't get how these people can put up with their boss. Such life is really difficult.
A bunch of examples.

Parole simili a "The" e le sue differenze

Q: Qual è la differenza tra * The vase broke worthless e The vase broke to pieces ?
A: First one is wrong
Second one is write

Q: Qual è la differenza tra

* The book is interesting to read.*


*The book is worthy to be read*

A: the book is interesting vs the book is good enough to spend time being read

Traduzionde di "The"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 최애= The favorite(slang)

A: 세리야, 너 BTS 좋아하지? Se-ri, Do you like BTS right?
B: 네, 완전 좋아하죠! Yes, I absolutely like the BTS
A: 최애가 누구야? Who is the favorite?
B: 제 최애는 음.... 제이홉이에요. My favoirte is J-hope.

Are those conversation natural?
A: Se-ri, you like BTS right?
B: Yes, I absolutely like BTS
A: Who is your favorite member? / Who is your bias?
B: My favorite(/bias) is J-hope.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 그 감독은 논란이 있어왔다.
>> The producer has been controversy
Is it right?
The producer has been involved in a controversy.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 자위를 하면 할 수록, 욕구불만족이 더 커지는거 같아

The more I masturbate, the more my sexual frustration increases.
Is this sentence sounds natural?😂😂
A: Yes it sounds natural haha~
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? Я тебя слушаю
The native speaker said me following: I'm hearing you
Is it the right form? Or better "I am listening to you"
A: Это зависит от контекста. Если снимаете трубку и говорите "Я тебя слушаю", тогда по-английски это будет "Hello(, I'm listening)". (Обычно просто Hello) Если во время разговора ваш собеседник вас спрашиваете "Не игнорируй меня" тогда по-английски отвечаете "I'm listening to you." Но, если бы собеседник вас спросили "Ты понимаешь о чем я?", то по-английски вы ответили бы "I'm hearing you." (Обычно to hear = слышать)
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 満月の後の海 The sea after fullmoon であってますでしょうか?
A: the sea after the fullmoon

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Q: Can you help me to revise it? Thank you very much. 💓

The effects of discrimination 

    There are the variety of discriminations. For example, racial , sexual,and so on .But I think racial discrimination is the most common in the world. Although many people are friendly to others , there is no denying that some people still have the prejudice to others.I think discriminations can happen almost everywhere .If a person is different from others and people don't have enough recognize about he or she, then the discrimination will happen .
  One year ago, I traveled to a foreign country .When I went to a clothes store and wanted to buy a beautiful dress, the clerk came and asked me to go out. He also told me that he won't sell clothes to yellow people . After hearing those words, I started crying and ran away. Since then, I have become very careful if I want to buy things in a foreign country , for I'm afraid this will happen again. I think discrimination shouldn't happen. And we can solve this phenomena by education. If every family and teacher teaches their kids and students about the effects of discrimination ,then they will have more empathy and have the ability to condone people different from them.
A: There are many types of discrimination.

Althought most people are friendly to each other, there is no doubt that some people are still prejudice towards others.

I think discrimination (not discriminations)

For example, if a person is different from others and people don't know enough about him or her, discrimination may happen. (You should pick a more specific example, like about a person's race, ethnicity, or religion that makes him or her different)

When I went to a clothes store and wanted to buy a beautiful dress, the clerk came up to me and asked me to leave.

After hearing those words I started to cry and I ran away from the store.

Since then, I have been very hesitant if I want to buy things in a foreing country, because I'm aftaid that I will be discriminated again.

I think discrimination shouldn't happen and... (combine the two sentences)

Q: > The man sitting in front of me is reading a book. sembra naturale?
A: You could say instead, "The man in front of me is reading a book"
Q: I can't believe that I've just turned 26.
#The best moment with my best friends and best dishes. 最高の友達と最高の食事は最高だ
#Takuya's face turns red too much. たくやの顔が赤すぎる

sembra naturale?
A: You could also say "as red as a beetroot".

These are suitable for both embarrassment and the effects of socialising (drinking). :)
Q: I can't believe I already turned 26.
#The best moment with my best friends and best dishes. 最高の友達と最高の食事は最高だ
#Takuya's face turns red too much. たくやの顔が赤すぎる

sembra naturale?
A: i can't believe i've already turned 26.

Takuya's face is too red.

Q: howeverの使い方について教えて下さい!

The second-largest reason, however, is .....
A: "However" and "but" are used to contrast their statements to the statements made before them. This is how they're similar.

The main difference is that "but" can technically only be used to contrast the second clause of a sentence to the first clause, and "however" can be used anywhere. Even so, natives still tend to put "but" at the beginning of some sentences because it sounds more natural.

In the example you provided, "however" is being used for the second reason because the second reason must contrast the first reason in some way.

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