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Q: Che cosa significa toodles?
A: It's a fun/silly way to say goodbye
Q: Che cosa significa toodles?
A: Английская версия фразы «à tout à l'heure», что значит «до свидания».
Q: Che cosa significa toodles?
A: It comes from "toodle pip" which is itself derived from "toodle-oo"
Q: Che cosa significa toodles?
A: Bye; goodbye

It's very rarely ever used.

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Q: is "toodles" a normal word? like, do people use it? sembra naturale?
A: No, this not common. Similar to thy, thee, bygones
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia toodle-loo or toodles.
A: these are used as cute ways to say goodbye
Q: What does "toodles" mean? I heard this word in the end of conversation.
When can I use this word?
A: It means bye, see ya!
But we only say that jokingly so it is not used often here

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