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Q: Che cosa significa
"What’s that, Trevor? You’re only 10 minutes away now? REJOICE. Looking forward to single digits."
A: I think in this situation, Trevor and the speaker are supposed to meet at a certain time.

Trevor is probably late, but says he should be there in 10 minutes. He’s on his way.

The speaker thinks that’s good but would like Trevor to hurry up. The “10” in 10 minutes is a double-digit number, but the speaker wants Trevor to be faster, as in only 1 minute away, 2 minutes away, etc. 1 is a single-digit number, etc.

Trevor가 말하는 사람과 함께 어디에서 만나기로 했는데 Trevor가 아직 안 왔어요. 도착하는 데 10분 더 걸릴 것 같다고 했어요. 말하는 사람은 좀 짜증이 나서 Trevor가 더 빨리 왔으면 좋겠다고 생각했어요. 10분 대신 한자릿수의 분 (?) (1분, 2분, 등등) 이내에 왔으면 좋겠다고 했어요.
Q: Che cosa significa Whatever was happening with Trevor was just gonna have to wait.

Is it right? grammatically? ?
A: Yup, the sentence is right.
What it means is: Trevor’s situation has to be put on hold at the moment / Trevor’s situation will be dealt with at a later time.
Q: Che cosa significa Trevor ?
A: It's a given name for men.


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Q: "Trevor will be home by half six"
How could I get this sentence? ( Trevor will be home after or at half six)?
A: It means he will be home no later than half-past six (6.30).
Q: “Steve Trevor is an American spy whose life pursuit is to prevent people from dying by a lethal weapon” sembra naturale?
A: × “Steve Trevor is an American spy whose life pursuit is to prevent people from dying by a lethal weapon”
✓ “Steve Trevor is an American spy whose life pursuit is preventing people from dying from a lethal weapon.”

As dracoboy suggests, you should specify what the lethal weapon is in this clause. If you specified it in the previous clause, you can say “from this lethal weapon.” In English, generally speaking, the more context there is, the better.

You may choose to replace “spy” with “agent”, as I think that sounds a bit more formal/academic. “Operative” is another option.

Also, “pursuit” is fine. It sounds better than “mission” to my ears. Using “Assignment” or “task” makes it seem like he doesn’t have any personal stake in whether people die or not; he’s just being ordered to prevent it.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Trevor seems to have a cursed life; everything he does goes wrong!(*just natives).
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I’m hooked on Trevor Noah show now.
Everyday I open Netflix and watch the show again and again.His talking with varied rhythms and voices is a highly entertaining.And his rare background makes his show thoughtful.I love it. sembra naturale?
A: “I’m hooked on the Trever Noah show now.” and “His talking with varied rhythms and voices is highly entertaining.” Just add a “the” in the first sentence, and take out the “a” in the third sentence, and it will be perfect!

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