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Q: Che cosa significa truism ?
A: A statement that is true and says nothing new or interesting.
Q: Che cosa significa erroneous truism?
A: It means something that's accepted as the truth but is actually wrong. This quote is saying a lot of people think that they should think about everything they're doing, but really they shouldn't (at least that's what the person who said the quote thinks).
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Q: Che cosa significa truism?
A: Truism. Banalitate. Poncif. Loc comun.

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Q: Which one is correct or are they both correct?

It is a truism that good habits are half OF the success.

It is a truism that good habits are half the success.

Thanks very much for your help!
A: "It is a truism that good habits are half of the success." I think this sounds more correct

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