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Q: Che cosa significa “Food” uncountable or countable ?Why??
A: It's uncountable, probably because some kinds of food are fluids.

Like other uncountable nouns, making it countable means you're talking about varieties of it, so "foods" are types of food.
Q: Che cosa significa I just want to know:
we use the word* the *before uncountable nouns just if means place...
but, if be an uncountable noun and don't is a place, we don't use the...
beans are good.
the girl fell on the water.
(on because is like watering hole)?
A: Beans are countable.

You can use "the" with an uncountable noun if it's a specific amount of an uncountable noun in a specific time and place.

Water is essential (all water everywhere)
The water here is safe to drink. (only this water here.)

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con How much... do/does (uncountable nouns) cost?.
A: Yes, you can use "how much is it?" for both singular count and all non-count nouns. "It" can reference a single count object or a mass of non-count objects.

"How much does this apple cost?" ✔️
"How much does this milk cost?" ✔️

For plural count nouns, use "how much are these?"

"How much do these apples cost?" ✔️
"How much do these milk cost?" ❌

You can usually make a non-count noun a count noun with a container.

"How much do these milk cost?" ❌
"How much do these *cartons of* milk cost?" ✔️
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con all + uncountable noun
all + plural noun.
A: All water is wet.
Put all the flour into the bowl.

All dogs are friendly.
All the children laughed.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra uncountable e non- countable ?
A: An uncountable noun and a non-countable noun is exactly the same thing. There is no difference. I always use the term "uncountable", but you can use whichever word you like.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra uncountable e countable ?
A: countable: something you can count like two apples, five cars, three dogs, four buildings

uncountable: somethings are seen as a whole or mass that cannot be counted like blood, electricity, money, happiness
Q: Qual è la differenza tra uncountable e countless ?
A: Uncountable means something can't be counted. For example words like grass, air, food, etc. You usually don't say 3 foods, or 5 airs.
Countless means that there are too many to count. Like the number of stars in the night sky.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? uncountable
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? uncountable
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: knowledge/hearing they're uncountable but how come one has A before it and not the other?
a good knowledge
bad hearing
He has a good knowledge
he has had bad hearing in the left ear
A: @ttlearner I couldn’t respond to you on the other question so I’ll do it here: there’s no a before bad/good hearing because it’s being used as an adjective, something you can’t have more than 1 of where you can have a specific type of knowledge.

Bad hearing can also be replaced with “hard of hearing”

“He has had bad hearing for years”
“He’s been hard of hearing for years”

“He’s vey knowledgeable”
“He has a log of knowledge about cars”
Q: Can I use "a good few/a good many" with uncountable nouns?
A: No. Uncountable nouns use "little" and "much" instead of "few" and "many," but you can't say "a good little" or "a good much." You could say "A good amount" or "quite a lot of"
Q: Why are “luggage” and “baggage” uncountable noun?
A: because it can not be counted or separated. It identifies something as a whole or a mass. in this instance, it is a name or group. other examples would be furniture or equipment.

Q: We use " little" for uncountable nouns then why do we use "a little girl" ?
A: "little" refers to an amount when we talk about uncountable nouns, but when we talk about countable nouns, it means "small in size"
"a little girl" = a small girl (countable)
"a little water" = a small amount of water (uncountable)
"a little car" = a small car (countable)
"a little rain" = a small amount of rain (uncountable)
Q: which are uncountable nouns?

1 tip
2 guideline
3 guidance
4 instruction
5 direction
6 advice
A: 3 & 6 — guidance & advice. The others are all countable. At least, by traditional usage in mainstream English. Actually 4 CAN be non-count WHEN it means “education or training,” as opposed to when it means “a direction or command about what to do” (which is countable). So 4 is a potential “trick” question, depending on context.

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