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Q: Che cosa significa unison (is it common to use this word in daily life ?) & plz give some examples ?
A: Unison means "all together as one." It's mostly used in terms of music or stage performances where groups sing or speak "in unison," all at the same time.
1. The choir sang every note in unison and no one was off the beat.
2. The class recited a poem in unison for the school play.
Sometimes it is used in other situations where people get in sync with each other.
3. As if their minds were in unison, they both shouted the same answer at once.
4. The couple danced so perfectly in unison that it appeared to be only one person.
5. When Mom asked the kids what they wanted for dinner, they shouted in unison, "Pizza!"
Q: Che cosa significa said in unison?
A: it means that 2 or more people said the same thing at the same time
Q: Che cosa significa unison ?
A: At the same time, synchronized

Uni means one, so they moved as one.

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia unison.
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