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Q: She inherited veganism from her parents. sembra naturale?
A: × she interested veganism from her parents.
✓ she is interested in veganism because of her parents.

Or you could say “she became interested because of her parents.”
Q: How veganism can save our planet

The meat industry has been undoubtedly influential in our lives. We start to eat meat in early childhood and face it as an incredible nutrient for our bodies. This industry clouded our citizens. Our citizens are eating dead bodies filled with toxins and fat, and are not aware how it is leading to a mass spread of diseases. These people are eating something that even their bodies were programmed to do so, because we are all inborn vegans. Humans were not designed to eat meat by nature, and that's why eating meat is killing our populations. It's time for a change.
People often blame the greenhouse effect to cars and industry, but some new scientific data has been in the spotlight, and we are even closer to understand why our planet is dying. These scientific novelties brought knowledge about diet to millions of people who now are vegan. They are vegan not only for personal choice but to save our animals. We now handle over 70 billion animals for consumption and dairy. If we could get rid of all these animals and use the water, soil and soja to feed those who need, we could solve the world starvation problem.
Furthermore, the waste produced by these animals is contaminating our soil and rivers. Studies have shown that meat is often contaminated with feces, due to no policies are taken over analyzing it. Albeit, milk follows the same example, showing traces of pus and blood in its chemical composition.
When meat is eaten, it starts several inflammatory processes harming our health. It causes a plethora of cancers, heart diseases, depression and fatigue. Since we are vegan animals, our bodies can not correctly digest meat.
How feasible is to stop eating meat? It may be easier than you think. We can replace meat with soya, creating delicious dishes that do a great job mimicking meat's flavor. Moreover, healthy diet boosts your stamina and endurance. It helps you lose weight and reduces your risk of having cancer or heart disease. Ultimately, being vegan will save our animals, who suffer so much in slaughterhouses, having worst and cruel treatments. They are earthlings, and indeed, have the right of living a happy life.

Does it seem to be written by a native?
A: Thank you very much!
Q: Although veganism is now widely recognised as a new lifestyle, we all have different attitudes towards it. ​This section first presents the official definition of veganism, and then explains the philosophy that forms the basis of this project. Please note that the ideas and views presented in this section may differ from those embraced by The Vegan Society and/or any other preexisting organisations promoting veganism. sembra naturale?
A: In my opinion, it sounds unnatural to describe veganism as a project. Perhaps you should consider a different word; 'lifestyle' may be a viable alternative. Otherwise, this paragraph sounds very natural.
Q: What is considered veganism in America?
In Japan, people think veganism is an absurd idea and consider vegan as a kind of follower of a cult.

(I'm not a vegan or vegetarian.)
A: Being vegan is common in the states. It’s seen as a healthy lifestyle. Some see it as an absurd idea but vegans are supported by most people and places. Lots of restaurants offer vegan food options.
Q: What is veganism to do with political correctness?
A: It doesn’t really have anything! Veganism is where a person only eats plant-based foods e.g no meat, no fish and no dairy. I hope this help you!!

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